Welcome to The Mumma’s Self Love Project

Are you sick and tired of not feeling good enough, not as a mother or a partner but for yourself? 

When was the last time you actually did anything for yourself that made you feel good?

Are you tired of your kids constantly not listening to you, with arguments and yelling you seem to be doing ALL OF THE TIME?

Doesn’t it drive you bat shit crazy?

Have you been battling feelings of unworthiness, busyness, and not-enoughness because you are too busy looking after everyone else and having to do ALL THE THINGS that a mum has to do? 

In the meantime, have you forgotten about yourself?

No more excuses Mumma!

I am here to guide you through the bullshit that you keep telling yourself.  

Foul language and all, because that’s who I am! Sorry, not sorry!

But seriously, Mumma, have you been making ANY time for yourself?


Do you make time for YOU? 

If not, then this is the exact reason WHY I have created this program because I have been where you are, and it’s not ok to feel this way.

Every Mumma’s story is different, but I see a common denominator occurring with mums who don’t give themselves the time, effort, and self-love they need. 

So many Mumma’s devalue themselves because they often give their all to everybody else.

How can you be the best version of yourself if you are not showing yourself any self-love?


Who am I?

I’m Jayde, the creator of Mumma By Your Side. I am a mum to two beautiful children, William, ten, and Marley, one, and I live in Hawkesbury, NSW. For the last four months, I have been on a massive self-development journey with life and business with a team of coaches who are helping me change my life so I can ultimately change the lives of others. 

I am a mindset, accountability, and wellness coach. I empower mums to find themselves again by coaching you gently with techniques to shift your mindset from negative to positive. I also show you ways to improve your health and wellness and help keep you accountable for the goals you wish to obtain and how you can reach them easily. 

I went through a journey of postnatal depression to the stage of no longer wanting to be here last year, after the birth of my daughter. I believed my family deserved better than what I could offer them. I was not ok. I got through it with counselling, and as I grew from that part of my life, so did my purpose. 

The Mumma’s Self Love Project was born from my journey through PND, and what I have seen on my journey of self-discovery is that I am NOT THE ONLY ONE who has felt like this. When I was in the depths of depression, I didn’t show myself any self-love, and if I had, maybe things would have been very different.

My passion now, is to help women who have lost their way after becoming a mum. So I want to listen to your stories and the struggles you have faced or are currently growing through after becoming a mum. 

I want YOU to open up! 

The Mumma’s Self Love Project is for you, Mumma. 

To remember who the fuck you are!

Do you want to find the old you, or do you want to create a new version of yourself? 

I will go deep into peeling back the layers of why you don’t feel like yourself anymore.

Then as we go, I will coach, nurture, and guide you to be the best version of yourself that you have been missing. 

What’s included in the program?

  • Remembering who the fuck you are after becoming a mum
  • How to rebuild your self-confidence
  • Mastering your self-love
  • How to shift your mood when feeling down, low, angry
  • How gratitude can help change your mindset
  • Falling in love with your mind and body
  • Getting clear on how to set goals to focus on self-love
  • Learning how to make time for yourself even when you don’t think you have enough time
  • Journaling and setting up a strong morning routine
  • And so much more
Start date: Monday 17th January 2022
Time frame: 4 week program
Program details: Each week will consist of….
  • Monday – Interactive zoom meeting – Value $200
  • Tuesday – 1 hour live workshop to be coached in my private Facebook group – Value $300
  • Thursday – 1 hour live workshop to be coached in my private Facebook group –  Value $300
  • Friday – Interactive zoom meeting – Value $200
  • Monday through Friday – Daily interactive journaling session – Value $150
  • Day and Time TBA -1 Energy Healing Session –  Value from $220 – $380 per session
  • Communication – Messenger thread to communicate throughout the program – Value Free
Bonuses included:
  • A weekly energy healing session to guide you on your self-love journey with Sharon from Twinflame Energy Healing
  • A self-love package full of goodies that I will send out to you – Value $150
  • An opportunity to meet Mumma’s just like you and build an incredible lifelong community and friendships
  • Free downloadable PDF’s to guide you on your self love journey – Value $50
  • After finishing the 4 week program, a five-day self-love challenge will be set to keep you accountable which means you get another week for free.
  • And so much more to be included.
That equals over $6000 value for the 4 week program.
Cost: $555
Payment plans available
Hey Mumma, are you ready to rediscover yourself?
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The Seven Pillars of Self Love

Hey Mumma, are you ready to say YES to a program that will inspire you to build self-love, change your thinking patterns, grow you to be a better version of yourself, and ultimately give you the tools you need to help you on your self love journey?

Hey Mumma, are you ready to rediscover yourself?
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