As a busy Mum, do you find that your anxiety steps into overdrive when you start thinking about how unorganised your home is and all those cluttered drawers and cupboards that have bits and pieces falling out when you open the door? Does your anxiety make you worry about how you will manage to organise everything and how you are ever going to get through it all? The mere thought of it makes your stomach churn, and maybe it all just seems too much. If this is something you regularly feel, here are 5 ways to organise your home to reduce anxiety.

Reduce anxiety by organising your home

Life is super busy, and for many mums, when you are feeling anxious or depressed, sometimes it’s hard to get up and go. Overthinking all you have to get done in your home can be highly overwhelming for you. You may find that you don’t have any motivation to complete the tasks ahead of you, and your anxiety peaks through the roof just thinking about it.

 According to Beyond Blue,

the most compelling fact is that

“1 out of every 3 women will experience anxiety during their lifetime.” 

It’s important to realise that when you feel overwhelmed, you need to start slowly and move ahead one task at a time.

Don’t try and rush everything.

Sometimes you can get anxious when you try to do everything all at once, and all of a sudden, you might accidentally drop or knock something over, or maybe you forget to do something crucial.

You might start one task, and then before you have completed that one, you’ve moved onto five other things. Sound familiar?

Remember, if you create one job, finish it before you get on to the next one.

Taking your time to do these jobs is an excellent way to help you reduce anxiety.

5 ways to organise your home to reduce anxiety

5 ways to organise your home to reduce anxiety.

1. Make a plan 

Planning is a great place to start, especially if you have a long list to work through, then it makes sense to work through one job at a time. Planning also tames your anxiety, as you have something to focus on, and you can target one spot at a time and then move on to the next.

If you know what you want to organise, you have something to work on, making it more achievable. You don’t have to do everything in one day. You could plan to do your kid’s bedrooms one day and the kitchen the next, and so on. Removing anything that doesn’t serve you is a great help to you mentally.

2. Remove that clutter 

  • Removing the objects you don’t need in your life is very refreshing. Think about when your mind is cluttered; the best thing you can do is clear it, right? And you feel so much better for doing it by removing all those unnecessary thoughts. Your home gets like this too. You seem to accumulate so many items over the years, and they soon build up.
  • Clothes and shoes, mainly when your kids are growing so fast. Sorting out those drawers and wardrobes full of clothes will make those drawers shut easier and give you more room for new ones.
  • You can begin by bagging the clothes up and delivering them to a charity so someone else can make use of them, or if you have a friend that wouldn’t mind some hand-me-downs, it is an excellent way of recycling them too.
  • Organising your kid’s toys as they outgrow them is a good way of decluttering too. You could give them away to your local preschool or even make some money by selling them if still in good condition.
  •  Paperwork always seems to build up and usually ends in a massive pile. A good way of filing your paperwork is in an A4 binder with dividers. Every year has its folder. It will keep everything in order and easy to find. Write a category for each section, and then you can add your paperwork in the correct place.
  • Filing ensures that when you want to find something quickly, you can go straight to that section. You can have different categories such as bills, important documents, insurance, receipts, bank statements, etc. An excellent way to store essential items like birth certificates is to put them in a transparent file to not punch holes through them.

3. Meal plan 

Planning your meals at least one week in advance is a fantastic way to reduce your anxiety. It helps you in several ways. If you write down your meals for the week, it’s also going to help you know what to get in the groceries as you will have a good idea of what you will need.

You can even prepare some meals the night or morning before. Slow cooker meals are perfect for this and easy to throw together. The veggies can be cut up and put in water the night before, therefore saving time in the morning and keeping your veggies fresh.

You can prepare the kid’s lunches the night before as well. A little trick to keep your sandwiches fresh is to keep any soggy items, such as tomatoes, in the middle, so it doesn’t reach the bread; drying it out on a paper towel helps too, or you can put it in a container and add it when you are ready to eat.

When your sandwich is complete, you can wrap it in baking paper and then in cling wrap or a paper bag. This way ensures it stays fresh until lunch the next day as it keeps the bread from drying out.

4. Clean those cupboards out 

You know, the ones that started all nice and neat, and slowly but surely, everything just gets thrown in there without a care. Start with one cupboard and get rid of anything that you don’t use or need. You will always find something stuck at the back of that cupboard you haven’t used for years.

The pantry always seems to get like that too. There are some excellent organising tips and containers and how to set up your pantry at Organised HQ

5. Fill your calendar

Your calendar is essential, and it’s good to have a visual so you can see what is happening for the month. It’s good to put it on the fridge or a door that you regularly open, so you always look at it. You can insert your monthly direct debit amounts on the dates that come out.

Birthdays are a must to add, so you don’t forget anyone. School events are good to jot down, as are any upcoming social events.

Doing this may be pretty apparent to most, but what it is doing is keeping you on track and not getting you anxious about when the bills are due or what’s happening in a few weeks at school. It keeps your anxiety at bay.

Keeping anything important in front of you, like those endless notes that keep coming home from school, it’s an excellent way to keep organised. That way you won’t forget about anything.

5 ways to organise your home to reduce anxiety
When the list is complete, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

Writing out a list of the jobs to be completed on paper is a great way to reduce your anxiety.
It helps set out what you need to achieve and makes you feel better when crossing those jobs off the list.
When the list is complete, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.
To put it another way, what you are doing is setting goals for yourself.

Having the right mindset will reduce your anxiety. With this in mind, here is a little exercise to help you plan your tasks and find a place to start.

  • To begin, write yourself a list of everything that you need to achieve.
  • Now, before you start tackling your list, please take a deep breath. Now, read down your list and imagine it finished, complete. Imagine crossing each job off that list until there are none left. Imagine how that is going to make you feel at the end of it? Embrace that feeling and pat yourself on the back. You have achieved something phenomenal, and it doesn’t matter how many tasks are on that list. You’ve got through it, and how amazing does that make you feel.
  • Now you can start to nail that list, one by one.


You can incorporate these lists for many things in your life to help reduce anxiety.

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The Organised HQ is one of my favourite sites and has printable downloads to help manage your planning which will genuinely help reduce your anxiety.

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By following some of these examples, you may feel more motivated and reduce your anxiety.

Your head will be clear of clutter.

You will find your balance by staying in the present moment and not worrying about what you may have to complete.

Remember one job at a time.

You’ve got this!

Please don’t forget to make time for yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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